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Line Boring drive

Apr 22, 2023
Hey guys, been dabbling with putting together a line bore setup. I've got it together now and working but of course would like things to be better lol... I have a "transfer case* I drew up two matching case sides and snipped them out on the plasma table then installed the following parts in:
A driven sprocket, an idle sprocket and a drive sprocket. Boring bar passes through a flange bearing then through the driven sprocket, out through another flange bearing. Sprocket is fastened via split bushing taper lock. I feed the bar with a stepper motor on two dovetail side rails, it's pretty ridge and feeds well. I have the stepper fastened on a bear with two bearing locks. The improvement I would really like to make is, to be able to feed the bar laterally without having to move the transfer case. This would allow me to fasten the case to the work piece, increasing rigidity 10 Fold. I have seen the breakdown the climax setup like this and it's driven via a worm gear and a feather key I believe. Does anyone have any good ideas of how to transfer this over to the chain and sprocket set up? Would it work if I just made a feather key and put the case close enough together so the sprocket could move on the shaft to far either way? Open to any and all ideas to be able to turn a bar and move it laterally while the drive stays in a fixed position. I like the idea of the sprocket due to the fact to change bar size I just change my spilt bushing and my bearing mount. Volia larger bar.
What type parts will you be line boring?

If I were building one from scratch, I would go out back and drag in the Tobin Arp table sitting out in the weeds and try to buy the arms and drive mechanism.


jack vines