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Loctite to hold bearing inner race in place?

Lots of plus reports here for LocTite to secure the inner bearing races.
My personal expirence is less positive.using the retaining compounds.
I would use a mechanical solution.
A bolt in the free end of the shaft that applies pressure to the faces of the inner races and axially squeeze the bearing pack using spacers will secure the inner races from rotating , and be easy to disassemble.
Cheers Ross
Would you care to explain that in a little more detail matey ? Maybe a little diagram, as in a picture speaks a thousand words. It sounds very interesting.

Regards Tyrone
General rule of bearing mounting, make the rotating ring a press fit, make the stationary ring a close slip fit.
Your situation: Stationary shaft, pulley rotating. IE make outer ring press into pulley, make inner ring slip onto shaft.
Erich is correct. The outer ring should be a press fit as it is.

Do not loctite or interference fit the inner rings. At least one of the inner rings needs to float to compensate for thermal differences. With inner and outer races all constrained, or possibly preloaded axially during installation, heating is a likely outcome as the OP discovered.

It's very unlikely the press fit on the inner rings caused the heating.
Like explained before The stationairy race should be a slipp fit So everything is fine as it is I suppose
But one solution I had when I only had strong loctite and neaded a weaker one it to apply only 3 thin lines of loctite around the circumfence and assemle all without rotating the parts
Never needed to take one apart though :D