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Lodge and Shpley Model X 20" Standard-Feeding too fast-change gear issue?


Hot Rolled
May 27, 2011
Marathon City WI, USA
I have been working on cleaning up a 1954 model X, and as I start making chips, I am noticing the feeds are not what I am expecting them to be. I looked at the change gears, and found the machine had been set up for leads, not for feeds/threads. I swapped a gear to a different input shaft to the change gear box, but it still is not working right. I am getting the following errors:
Feed Attempted Actual Feed
23.4 58
25.0 64
26.8 68
lever positions:
(The lever has 3 positions, A, B, C, B being half the output spped of A, and C is a quarter the speed of A.
The ratio lever is before the change gears, and is a 1:1 or 1:8
The dial has positions 1-10)
Lever: A, ratio Lever 1, for all, dial at 10, 9, and 8.
So something is off by ~2.5 ratio.
The output shaft from the ratio box has a 36 tooth gear, intermediate shaft has a 72 outside and 48 inside, and the input to the lover gear has a 48 tooth gear. According the the tag, these are the standard gears, and can be re-configured 4 different ways, but I have installed them as shown on the first line of the attached photo.
What am I missing?
Joe in WI

L&S Change Gears.png)
Did a lot of head scratching tonight. There is a lever under the change gear cover that you throw when you go from leads to threads/feeds. There is a little gear box between the leadscrew/feeds crew and the tumblers, and has an idler and another clutch. The lever is moving to engage the clutch, but no change in the feeds. It has been in “leads” mode for a while I am sure, so it may be stuck. I am thinking I might try taking a heavy cut and it may free up.
Well, I figured it out tonight. The lathe was geared for leads, but whoever set it up set it wrong, they did not throw the lever down for leads ( the lever with the knob in the upper right of the gearbox) and once I got this to move, the gears would shift. So with the gearing in leads, and the lever in feeds, it was not working correctly. I set it up properly, but my indicator's travel did not match the feed rate. After several days of bearing my head against the wall, counting teeth, etc, I realized I was using a metric dial indicator.......:) I have several dial indicators at each machine, and somehow this one got out of my metric measuring tools box.....
I'm sorry that you struggled with it, but I admit getting a chuckle when I read the solution. Sort of like you will probably when enough time has passed if you aren't there already. Thanks for coming back to let us know what happened.