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Looking for a new 4020 VMC that I can fit through a 7 foot door


Jun 24, 2017
Alright guys, 8 years since I started my shop and I want to replace my 1998 Eagle SMV1000 mill for a newer machine, preferably brand new. I want to stay with a 40-20-20 machine and I want side mount tool changer. I'm machining aluminum 99% of the time so don't need a Mori rigidity.

My main problem is my garage door that is 7 feet high and that I can barely make higher. I "might" be able to squeeze 88" of free space under it but that's at a maximum. Now from what I see most newer machine are really high and have the side mounted tool changer sticking out of the machine further than the column when it's lowered at a maximum.

Removing Z axis motor and other simple component is much likely inevitable just like it was with my old mill, but I still haven't found a model that don't have a tool carousel too high for my door.

So I am turning to you for model suggestion that I might not know about. So far I think the Hurco VM series is the only one I could fit if I make my opening 88", but i'm sure there's more model out there. Also a VM20i is 105k usd in Canada so pretty much a 200k canadian machine once delivered and properly equiped.
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