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Looking for Help/Recommendations on Wilton VSG-20 Table Rack


Apr 9, 2022
I recently acquired a Wilton VSG 20 model 2015 drill press from a couple who intended to fix it up and use it but never got around to it. Or at least that is what I was told. The drill was sitting inside of a small shed and they apparently had some trouble getting it in originally, and during the process managed to break off the speed change handle and almost completely wrapped the gear rack for raising and lowering the table around the column when the table moved on them, I assume they didn't have the table support locked on the column well. The handle isn't really a problem and there's a few other details that won't be too much trouble to address but the big issue right now is the gear rack. The gearing has a pitch of 10 and the rack is 3/4" wide by 1/2" tall, the pressure angle I'm not sure about.. I've searched for stock gear racking that matches it but it's either obsolete or proprietary. I've found a replacement parts website that sells an OEM one for about $470 but I would really like to NOT spend that much money on a new rack. I already know I need a new motor for it because the guy was trying to hook up a 1/2hp motor to it, which is extremely anemic considering it comes with a 1-1/2hp motor from the factory. Right now the options I'm looking at are purchasing an oversized stock piece the correct pitch and having somebody mill it down to the correct size, or buying a correctly sized but wrong pitch piece and replacing both the gear and the worm screw to match. Both of those options don't feel great, and since I don't currently have a mill or lathe of any sort I would have to have somebody else do all the machine work. I just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on which of these options is best, a different option I haven't thought of, or maybe knows of a dealer in old equipment that I may could buy a used rack off a damaged drill from.
You can't straighten it?Those are pretty flimsy if you have a vise you can straighten it. You have nothing to lose at this point. It is hardly a super precision piece. It's most likely 14 1/2 deg pa. You can find gear profile charts on line. Rack stock can be had pretty cheap. No problem cutting it down, standard stock is not that hard. For that app you could cut it down on a band saw. Look on E-Bay I have found some very cheap racks.
Jet sells parts. So does Grizzly and others. If you find one of their drill presses that looks like yours order their part, it will fit.

Your rack should have swiveled around with the table. The fact that it didn't indicates a problem. I agree, try to straighten it. In fact, spend the minimum on your rebuild until you determine the machine is worth rebuilding.

There are lots and lots of drill presses in this world. If yours is too bust, move on.

By the way saying the machine is a Wilton XYZ is not helpful because I don't have all the model names memorized. A picture would be much more effective.