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Looking for opinions on regrinding solid carbide drills.


Hot Rolled
Jan 7, 2012
st louis

I have a ton of through coolant solid carbide drills and I'm wondering folk's opinion on the best way to get them re-pointed. I keep looking at an Optima drill grinder but the cost of it keeps me from doing anything. I do have a fully set up Black Diamond BW-90 drill grinder, but no diamond wheel.
I haven't yet to look into regrind costs.

Does anyone have any luck grinding them on an Optima or a Black Diamond grinder?

Would having them recoated make a significant difference in the performance of the drill?

Check out better-edge.com. I've used them for years and they are outstanding.

Unless you've got very good equipment and tons to do all the time, I'd send it out. Carbide drills are less forgiving than HSS. And lots of special point geometries that above will duplicate no problem.