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Lorch LLN 10mm lathe


Apr 17, 2016
Hi All
Looking for a bit of help on a lorch lathe I recently acquired.
The spindle head that came with the lathe had a lot of runout 2.5 thou, and a tight spot when turning by hand.

I got another spindle head for the lathe that has a runout of about .0003 inches, but now the chucks I have for it won't fit the new spindle. The one that came with the lathe and fits the chucks seems to be a metric thread 2.5mm and the new one I got seems to be imperial 11 TPI.

Was this common to have different spindles in both metric and imperial for lorch lathes.
Can I get chucks to fit the new spindle 11 TPI. Both spindles have a diameter of 20mm

Could I retread the chucks to imperial 11 TPI from metric 2.5mm
I have attaché some pics of the lathe and spindles



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Do The chucks have replaceable back plates? Basically you can do what ever you need to do to make an operational machine. Keep in mind that you don't want to chuck falling off when in use. Any thing you do that makes a one of a kind part reduces its versatility. If chucks have replaceable back plates, then acquiring or making correct back plates is the best option. Another option would be to trade or sell chucks and get correct chucks for your spindle. It looks to me that the machine is fairly small, so you might find chucks that fit the spindle relatively inexpensive on line. Last thoughts, remember google search is your friend, it can find almost anything. Tim
Hi Tim
Thanks for the reply, yes both chucks have back plates. I am going to price what it would cost to get two plates made up.