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Mag Chuck on a cylindrical grinder


Sep 18, 2021
Hello all, long time viewer first time poster here so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong thread.

In my 25 years of machining I’ve done a lot of things however cylindrical grinding I have only done a few times and it’s been a while. I have used a Kellenburger and a landis. When I did use these machines They already had a mag chuck mounted so I’ve never went from a chuck to centers or vise versa.

Currently I have purchased a Taiwan made Lian Feng LF800G with a swing down I.D head. I know it’s a cheap machine but it’s to do 1 quick simple Internal operation every once in a while without setting up a tool post grinder on the lathe so my budget was low.

My plan is to mount a 8” to 10” mag chuck on the workhead and touch up an angle on the Inside of a punch after sharpening on my Okamoto surface grinder.

All that to get to these actual questions . I don’t know much about the workhead on these or this brand of machine in general. Does this look like a standard spindle? Does anyone have any info or schematics on this machine? How do I adapt a mag chuck to this? I do know it’s an MT#4 for the center. I’m used to standard lathe spindles such as A2-5 and D1 cam lock so I need help on where to start to mount a mag chuck. Please help. Thanks. I’ve included some pictures of what I have. :79025F36-8912-4230-95B2-0679A82E138B.jpg48FAA65E-07D2-49C6-A5A0-6A7513A07AD7.jpgCFE713CB-433C-4445-932B-6A4409935046.jpg78D59B35-9352-4F18-9B24-B02ED26443E6.jpg

Big Buck

Oct 27, 2005
tc mi.
I've worked on a Kellenburger and the mag-chuck was bolted
To a faceplate with a ground tapered shaft that slid into the ground I.D of the workhead. A drawbar was then was slid thru the backof the workhead and screwed into the faceplate to pull it in tight .