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Manual grease lubrication? Clogged grease lines.


Oct 24, 2021
I'm discovering that some of the grease lines are clogged on my brother. The lines are inaccessible without pulling off the entire machine table. Is applying grease manually to either side of ball nuts and guide blocks adequate? Or will I be getting improper lubrication as it's not being applied directly into the ball nuts/guides? I'd rather pull back the way covers once a week than disassemble the entire machine to replace the lines. Thoughts?


Hot Rolled
Feb 6, 2015
Cleveland Ohio
Applying grease manually to either side of ball nuts and guide blocks, will not put the grease where the designer intended it to go.
The time spent on pulling covers to do a 1/2 ass job will over time become a pain, and get skipped.
Done right will give you a long term solution.

I have seen grease lines plug up when a different grease is applied.

Rob L

Nov 5, 2019
Staffordshire, UK
First choice would be to get rid of the clogs and get the system working correctly.

Second choice would be find out what brand of rails they've fitted and look up the manufacturers documentation. I have a similar issue on my Haas and each block there has 6 screws (2 at each end) which can be removed and a manual grease point screwed in, while it may be a faff to keep doing mid/long term you can at least be confident the grease is going where it should be.


Dec 13, 2019
It will probably take a few hours if it's like my 227.
Two people needed to do the Z trucks.Otherwise only one person needed.
I only had to take off the way covers.
I put in new push on 90 degree swivels on some straight push grease fittings on others so figure a couple of days to get fittings.Order extra fittings just in case.
Getting the 4 mm tubing was fairly easy(had to buy the rest of the spool 54 feet)or nothing at all,the 4 mm tubing must be a big seller.
Routing the tubing in the holding clips wasn't to bad.
It can be done.
My specs in the book say only grease every 6 months or until it gets dirty (starts to squeak).
But after 28 years plastic tubing will break down,get hard and crack.