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Mastercam forcing me to buy more maintenance to fix essential features. What do you guys think of this?

I typically don't update my CAM until the last Service Pack, sometimes the 3rd depending what I see in the release notes,

Same with me. WorkNC releases are always buggy right out of the gate. I usually would wait for at least 2 service releases before updating everyone. But we found a version that finally had no perceivable bugs so we are sticking with that one indefinitely.
Honestly y'all, so many people complain and bitch about whatever software they use, do little to nothing about it then turn around and defend it. Rinse and repeat lol. I suppose most users are locked in, probably financially and by management. No it is not normal, nor acceptable, for software companies to take in loads of cash and turn out production releases with major bugs. Everything will have at least minor, nit picky bugs; that's expected and tolerable. For any company to totally shit the bed once in while is pure bullshit, especially when they are spending loads of cash to market their product and introduce as many new features as they can. At the same time do not address serious issues in current releases and ignore their user base. Not acceptable.

After using NX for many years I still use it for consulting and use another system for my main gig. Depending on who you talk to, NX is on its 50th-something release. I've used it since UG 9, about its 19th release. The last time there was a show-stopper release was about UG 14 when they messed up one of the major operation types; z-level roughing or finishing, I cannot recall exactly. That was almost 30 releases ago. The moral of the story is I am a very happy user, have no major complaints, make a lot of money for myself and for the companies I work for. By the way, the latter profit margin is NOT reduced from having to deal with software issues. Not sure why I chime in about shit software anymore, it's a dead horse to me. Perhaps for entertainment I suppose.

Let the peanut gallery flaming begin LOL