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Mastercam2017 Tutorial video - how to make a complete NC program

MasterCAM plugin for Catia? Why not just use Catia CAM?

Mastercam has an add-on that you can buy to be able to read Catia files that your customer sends you. It's not really a plugin, but more of a translator. And they aren't cheap, a few years back when I priced them I believe they were over $2,000 to be able to read Catia files.
Mastercam2017 Contour Tool path
Roll Cutter Around Corner
Infinite look ahead
Internal corner rounding radius
External corner rounding radius

Guys, I've been using Mastercam for over 10 years, from version 7 all the way to X9. Let me show you how it's done:

Step 1: uninstall all versions of mastercam completely and throw the fob and any CDs/DVDs in the trash

Step 2: install HSM, Gibbscam, Fusion, or anything else. program accordingly

bam, done in under 20 minutes.
Mastercam2017 Introduction to Contour Toolpath: 4) Depthcut
-Total Depth & Depth Cut
-Depth Cut Order
-Tapered Wall

Mastercam2017 Introduction to Contour Toolpath: 5) Lead In/Out
- Entry / Exit
- Use entry point / Use exit point
- Enter on first depth cut only / Exit on last depth cut only
- Plunge after first move / Retract before last move
- Override feedrate
- Adjust start of contour / Adjust end of contour