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Matsurra Tool Change


Feb 13, 2024
Tempe, Arizona
Hey guys ,

Not sure this is the right thread but I’m having a problem with my matsurra 900h with fanuc 15-m

The tool change arm will come in with a tool and the tool will hit the spindle keys.

It’ll do 4 cycles with no tool and won’t touch but then with a tool and it’ll hit. It also gets progressively worse. It seems like.

I’ve adjusted g53 y position and it’ll help for a few cycles.

Is it possible to change the position of the spindle? It’s almost like the keys aren’t in the right position.

Any help would much appreciated
Is your spindle rotation @ M19 steady?
If you shift into the low gear first, ( Speed 150 rpm ) is it the same as high gear ( S4500 )?

The 900H I ran had a 3-speed gearbox and we were broaching square corners. Found the M19 on high gear was not the same as low gear.

High gear was fine for tool changes, not for good broach alignment, had a bit of drift.

You PG sensor might be going out of adjustment.

They are designed to rub one side of the key against the tool holder to get a reliable rotation in case you are broaching. The tool holder 'slips' in the grip arm when it goes in the spindle.
So some contact is normal. But not enough to jam up the works.

It might be a G-data or a parameter in the spindle drive unit depending on the age.
On a machine from the 90's I would suspect it is in the drive unit.

Check for the rotation thing and check the twin-arm(s) for working finger locks. I am sure they would have several thousands of tool changes on them by now. The release buttons get gummed up and the fingers get worn out.
Is the control a 15 or 15i? There is a parameter that governs spindle orientation value. Depending on the control the parameter may be different.

My guess though is if it's ok when there is no tool, then when there is a tool the keys drag then there's something else going on. Maybe the tool holder/pull stud is dragging on the way out which is causing the spindle to lose orientation, or the tool changer arm isn't sufficiently gripping the holder any more. Just a guess.