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Mazak Alarm 234 Tool clamp sensor malfunction


Mar 29, 2023
Hello all. Machine is MAZAK Integrex i500 with smooth control. So when doing a tool change a stringy chip got caught in between the (capto8) tool I was changing to and I got a red 234 TOOL CLAMP SENSOR MALFUNCTION alarm.

Machine is stuck in MDI. with feed hold flashing. I cancelled tool clamp interlocks which got me out of feed hold. A little unsure of the terminology in the maintenance tab for the milling spindle. The capto holder is in the spindle with atc arm still holding tool and other side of atc arm is holding previous tool. I’m assuming I need to move the atc arm back to the swing position to get the head back out of the way.

Any ideas??? I’d had to call in a tech to do a few simple manual maneuvers. Thanks for reading.
You will need to move the ATC arm off the tool manually using the controls in wrench+> atc section. Then remove the tool. Home the machine, and return all the tool change items to their respective home positions. You will be in manual mode for all that. Finally, correct the tool numbers listed on the position screen.
Thank you for the response. So after the wrench>milling spindle I’m assuming I need to move the arm to the swing position due to the fact the tool isn’t clamped in the spindle? From there I could remove the tool manually.
Yes, on my Integrex AI - its wrench, ATC, then 3 screens of atc/tool changer controls. In manual mode the ATC arm will move very slowly - you may need to hold the tool to prevent it falling out of the spindle if its badly misclamped.

If it doesn't let you move something, then something else is out of position preventing movement. The book tells you all the required home positions.

1st time - took me 3hrs
2nd time - 1 hr
3rd time - 20 mins

good luck, keep notes for yourself, saves time