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Mazak C600 v I600 v Doosan DVF5000


May 12, 2023
New here to this forum, but we are looking at a 5 axis this year. Does anyone know the difference between the C600 and the I600? Which machine is better for titanium with nice surface finish?

Also looking at a 5 axis Doosan DVF5000. How do this machine compare to the Mazak? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
There is a massive difference between the C600 and the I600.
The C600 is a Ram style machine, which they have kind of addressed the rigidity issue by reducing the Y stroke to less than the table area, which means to machine a part the size of the table at B0 you need to rotate the C axis to machine the whole part. It also has stupid lumps sticking out the end of the Z casting(the ends of the linear rails) which interfere with the table when working towards the center of the table at B90.
But of you use a riser to elevate the part off the table you run out of X travel.
C600 is a cheaper entry level type machine, it replaces the older J500/5ax type machines

I600 is a much better Gantry design with a fully supported Y axis, much faster linear and rotary rapids, faster tool changer etc.
I600 does have only like 540mm X travel so when you are over at A90 you can't reach down the sides of larger parts, kind of an annoying limitation as it has massive Y travel which isn't really all that useful.

The I600 will likely be much better for titanium where rigidity is much more important.

DVF5000 is similar in capability to the C600.

All of this is just based on my research of these machines as they have been on my list for a while, and using machine simulation models to try out the different configurations on some of our parts.

Depending on what part sizes you are making the smaller C600/DVF5000 may be suitable.
Thanks for the insight. We are wanting to find a good used 5 axis machine before the years end. We were leaning towards the I600 already, but finding one in decent shape may be hard.