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Mazak mill z axis. Newbie and newbie to this site. Help please


Nov 17, 2020
Running parts at work. We are spot facing the work piece. In the program my value z-23.064. If I want to go .030 deeper would my value be z-23.034 to achieve this. I get this mixed up and there are several tools being used and want to change the sub program.
I'm thinking the deeper the cutter needs to go smaller the value. Am I correct in my thinking. Any ideas where a newbie like me can search to have a better understanding?
This is also my very first post.
Thanks in advance Chris
Note working on a mazak mill
on every mill i have worked on, the negative Z value will increase if you want to go deeper. Z 0 starts on top where your spindle is as high up as it goes.all negative from here. If you manually jog your Z axis, you should be able to see which way the numbers go on your screen . good luck.