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Mazak QT-10 T3 ATC. 90 degree live tooling is low on part by .050

Now Im going down the next rabbit hole. I am attempting to repair the ball detent and the cam height adjustment before installing my new tool eye. This video gave me a look at the insides of the tool eye arm. Ill let you know how it goes.

Successful day! I disassembled the tool eye while on the machine. I was able to repair the ball detent grove by removing it welding it up, and filing back to shape. I also replaced the ball detent it was a 12mm x 1.75 with 25lbs spring force that was purchased from mcmastercarr $8. I also removed the stop for the cam height adjustment and welded another .050 to it because I was not able to get my tools centered to the contact button of the tool eye. Both repairs were successful. I no longer have to tie up and un tie my tool eye everytime I need to touch off a tool. And I now have the proper range on the cam height adjuster. A new tool eye was installed $495. I trammed in the tool eye and reset my tool eye parameters.


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