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Mazak QT-6G, Meldas 64 paremeters issues


Apr 21, 2023
Hello all! Long time forum reader, but an issue I cannot solve for a while urged me to register and ask for advice. Would appreciate any help!

We bought Mazak QT-6G at an auction a while ago, batery was dead long before the purchase and no parameters backup was included with the machine. A good samaritan shared parameters with us, which solved most issues except for tool registration.

So, I'd like to ask for advice on 2 issues:
1. We try to set parameter 1037 to "5", but when we enter any value other than 1 or 2 we gen an error E02. Could it be fixed?
2. Parameters 0001-0016 are not visible on our NC. Is there a way to view and edit them?
An update:

When we're trying to upload an ALL3 file to NC (99) ( 250), we receive the message "WRITE PROTECT". Even when we try to make a backup copy (OUTPUT) we're getting the same message. Protection signals A, B & C are disabled.

Anyone has an idea how to turn down this protection?

Thanks in advance!
Hi , Have you turned plc off , the switch on the back to 1?, it should be on zero at the moment.
do you have a set of All1 All2 And all3 files that you could share?
youngcnc also on here is needing some for an Akeri Seiki , and has been given a .lkx format file instead, and we are looking for a way to decode it