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Mazatrol 640T X Axis not referenced 121 Overtravel Alarm


Jun 4, 2021
Hi all! I had a problem three weeks ago with a Mazak Slant Turn 50 with Mazatrol 640T Control. What happened was that the battery behind the Panel (A silver and black one) died and I had to change it. It took the battery 3 days to arrive; once it arrived, I changed it (with Mazak and Mazatrol powered on) hopping to not lose the parameters, something that happened whatsoever.

So, I had to recover the parameters using the Maintenance application stored in the MAINTE folder, fortunately there was a backup for some things. The first alarm appearing was 26 Illegal Parameter (1, 107, &0037) which disappeared after loading the backups and powering off and on the Lathe. But then something weird happened the X axis doesn't have a position. It appears like X -****.**** and the alarm is 121 Overtravel (+X, , ), and in offset data it appears like Machine X -****.**** Z -23.1546. So, Z axis does not have any problem as I can move it freely to home, but X is another story.

I double checked the hard limits of the lathe and the spindle doesn't go that far, it is not touching the limit switches, so I guess it has to be something with soft limits.

Fortunately, I have the parameter list, but I only could configure the parameters of User and Machine. One of Mazak Technicians told me that the other parameters in the list (System, Servo and Spindle Parameters) can only be input in Privilege Mode, but He didn't help me there... He didn't want to. Now I'm stuck at this point, I don't Know how to enter those parameters because of the privilege mode, and I can't make X Axis find its position! It would be awesome if someone can guide me in this process! Thanks in advance!