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Measuring carbide insert nose radius


Jan 27, 2005
Southern California
Hello all,
We do short run prototype and never go thru a box of inserts or even use all the sides of the inserts. Once done we keep them in a seperate box not to mix with the new ones. Is there an easy way
to find out what each inserts nose radius is? How about a cheap digital microscopes? Short of an optical comparator what is the rest using?

Thank You!
Peak TS1983 is what I keep on hand for this for quick inspection. Use with a radius scale reticle and you’ll be able to measure nose radius pretty easily. Same for measuring chamfers, engraving, etc as long as you can stick the part right up to the glass.



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Or you might buy a set of radius gauges and a loup.

Or a measuring loupe

high quality
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Look at them? A "1" is really easy to tell from a "2"..

I have a few .008"s, those are in a labeled box. So are the .004's and
the few sharp ones I have are in their own box.

All my inserts are .001, .002, .004, or, if I'm lucky, .008

So nah, not so easy to tell by looking at them :D
do you have an optical comparator? Once sorted maybe get into a habit of keeping like inserts together so this doesn't become a problem again