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Meldas M65 Toolchanger Ladder


Jul 24, 2021
I'm trying to figure out how to use the Tool-Changer with the Meldas M65 based machine I'm working on.

What I have figured out so far:

So M6 should start program o9000 which should include the tool changer program.

Our machine (let's call it machine A) lost the settings because the original owner did not power on the machine for several years and there are no useful backups. We tried to obtain backups from the manufacturer and received some corrupted files which we take as reference.
It seems like the ladder was stored on a rom inside the machine because that one was still intact.

The manufacturer was so kind to send us a configuration and ladder file of a similar machine (lets call it machine B), however the ladder file significantly differs and I cannot decode it with M5PLCWIN.

If I use commands from machine B the controller prints EMG EMERGENCY PLC on the screen, and the FCA65-A shows up error code on NCLED1

Machine B has a totally different ladder file (I compared the binaries of machine A and machine B)

Now to the ladder file, I downloaded ALL3 from machine A and decoded it with M5PLCWIN (does anyone know an alternative to this application to visualize ladder files from a machine?)

KiEeam (1).png

MF1 = x230
Y2D0 = if output Y2D0 is not enabled?
Y2DI = if output Y2DI is not enabled?
[ = K114 R20 ] = now this is where I'm stuck... is it the number for m-code M72 (=114 = 0x74)
M72 .. set m72 ladder register?

Now an example from the documentation:

(Page 2-14, BNP-B2261E(ENG))

Would that mean that the m-code command M72 (decimal 114) would set M72 on the ladder?

I do not see any 8x comparisons behind the MF1 input in the ladder of machine A, can I assume that
there are no M8x (m-codes) available for machine A;
So the tool changer example of machine B (which is using M8x) will definitely not work with machine A, and I need
to adapt the tool changer code to the M-codes observed from the ladder?

Following program code is used on machine B for tool changing:

(from various documents which I have found online, M80 is often used to unlock the tool changer commands, M8x would slide the umbrella style tool changer in, unclamp the tool from the spindle, clamp it and move the umbrella style tool changer back)
My assumption was correct so far, but there's another issue which drives the machine into emergency stop / PLC emergency stop when pushing the start cycle button.
So far I tested various M codes on the main screen and they seem to work (I am able to control the spindle, X / Y / Z but I cannot run a program on that machine yet... start cycle errors out immediately)
Considering that this machine did not move X / Y / Z properly, a servo amplifier was dead and all endstops were clogged the progress until here is quite good.