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Mico Instrument Pantograph


Aug 26, 2010
I found this Pantograph at work with all the letters and needed tools except the manual. Don't know what should I set the machine too to get the results I need. Anyone know where I could find a manual for it?
The Green model 106 manual is similar enough to be helpful. I have several Green 106 engravers. I have never owned a Mico engraver and have often wondered what sort of shank their cutters have. Green cutters have a No. 1 Brown & Sharpe taper shank with a 6-40 (from memory) tapped hole for the draw bar. Or you can use a chuck with that shank that holds the very common 1/8" straight shank engraving cutters.

The six holes in each bar are for setting the ratio between the type size and the engraved letter size. They probably have numbers near each hole. You have to put the two shoulder screws into the same numbered hole in each arm. The largest it will engrave may be 1/2 the size of the type letter, measured at the center of the grooves in the type or engraving. So type with 1/2" letters will make 1/4" or smaller engravings. The cutter grind and depth of engraving will determine the width of the engraved line, making the actual letter a little taller than the center to center dimension.

I will play with it and see what I can come up with. We have another old school engraver which is Bellco PM-3.