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Micro Machining Milling Machine Option


Apr 6, 2015
Hi guys.

The machine has landed, quite late though and missing parts. We gave Yamazen a PO on 9/15 and were given a 2-4 week lead time. Today is 6 weeks from the day.

The machine arrived on Friday of last week and was missing the Lyndex-Nikken tilting rotary. I have been getting the "run-around" about when it will arrive. I also haven't had a concrete answer on when the machine will be installed (I requested that the machine be installed to be used as a 3 axis machine since I was told they don't know when the rotary drives will arrive). Hopefully we are past this early next week - I have customer parts that need machining!

I will post pictures once the machine is installed. Here's a teaser: