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Miller DeHaas single shot


Jun 25, 2005
west tennessee
Does anyone know where I can find any information on the Miller DeHaas single shot
patent no. or any thing that might show the interworkings of the action?
You might try the books by deHaas...he wrote a couple of general ones about the single shot rifles plus at least two on designing and modifying them. I personally only have the first general one, but the later ones (I am told) went into a great deal of detail on his idea of the "perfect" single shot action.

The deHaas book, Single Shot Actions Their Design and Construction has the details on the deHaas Miller action and the typical deHaas drawing of it.

The book also has several other unusual actions and shop made actions.

deHaas' last single shot book, A Potpourri of Single Shot Rifles also features several actions by other builders.

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That is a very useful link by Google.
Have a look at 345,058, the Hindley and Field which was manufactured as the Bullard.
I have only ever handled the repeating version, which uses the same basic action, it was remarkably smooth to operate.