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MIller Tig welding equipment


Jan 13, 2019
I have a MIller XMT 350 CC/CV along with a Miller 22A wire feed
Locally there is a Miller Tig welding system that has come available, will this components work on my unit?

>Weldcraft A-150 Tig torch
> 25mm dinse style connector
> R45 foot control
> AK2C torch accesory kit
>Gas hose 12 ft
> Regulator/ flowmeter
I don't remember what the XMT's capabilities are as I have an Invision 352 MPa. If the xmt has a tig function, then everything will work perfectly. If it doesn't, you can still tig weld by using a field tig setup.

Easiest way to see if the XMT has a tig setting is to see if there is a separate gas port on the back. Generally machines that do all 3 will have 1 gas port for mig and 1 port for tig. This is due to 1 is positive and 1 is negative.
It will probably all work just fine. I have a few xmt304s, I do not know ofIf rhe top of my head if that is the correct dinse size or not, the only other thing is does you machine have a gas solenoid or not? If no solenoid then you will need a torch with a gas valve on it. Both of those are no big 3xpense to change.