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Millrite Mill

Nope. You have to make your own.
What are you looking for?
Nothing yet... Planning ahead. Should be picking the mill up in a couple days. Its in good shape, but wanted to see what if anything was available. It has a larger table than original and that has me a bit concerned. As I understand it, the week point on these mills are the planetary gears that lift the table/knee.
There are no planetary gears in the knee lifting mechanism. Just two bevel gears that mesh raise the table. I don't recall power feed was ever a option for the knee. The mill my family had had a nice variable speed power feed for the table feed. Ours had the larger table. I miss that little mill.
Seems I recall adding a sleeve bushing to the elevation screw on my Millrite yrs ago due a similar problem. Limited the knee lift by 1" but solved the weak issue as I recall. Sure do miss that little Mill as well!!
The Millrite mill was my first mill I learned to run at age 12 years old. That was back in 1969. Long story short, dad let go of the mill when we moved back to Houston in 1972. He regretted doing so afterwards. Been through many more mills since then, too.
I just sent a MVN down the road. I had it for several years, and it was a very good little mill, especially compared to other small vertical mills. Very, very very simple, which isn't a bad thing, as there is not much that's going to break.

I probably would have kept it if it had the rapid feed quill instead of the fine feed. And a larger table. Those were my only real issues with that mill. It cut as well as a Bridgeport, and with no nod feature on the head, it is as rigid some larger mills.