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Milltronics ML 26 saving programs to floppy

Duck Waddell

Oct 12, 2020
I have a ML26 Milltronics lathe made in 2012. It has a floppy drive that we can't seem to get to work. I am looking into getting an emulator for it but since it's a slim type of floppy drive with a USB type cable nobody makes an emulator for it. We were going to try the RS2-32 but were told by Milltronics that's more problematic than the floppy. I don't know how you get more problematic than not working. I tried another floppy drive with no luck. Sometimes it looks like the program is going on the disk but when we try to pull it up on the computer there is nothing there. We have ten years' worth of programs we need to back up. We are willing to upgrade the control if we can get the programs.
Updates in case anyone has the same issue. I have two solutions. One is I found out the 7200 control uses a compact flash card for the memory. It is attached to the mother board in some way. You might have to disassemble the front panel but once you remove it you can use a compact flash card reader on your PC find the parts directory and copy the files to your PC. This is not something you would do all the time. Another solution is contact Electro-Mech Tech services LLC and talk to Bob McManus. He has a emulator that will work.