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Milltronics RH 20 rigid head vertical bed mill


Mar 21, 2023
I am looking into purchasing a used Milltronics RH 20. I also looked at Older VM 20, which had the spindle bearings replaced and belt drive balanced a couple years ago. I have a budget of $30,000.

I started up a Tool Room at a sheet metal Fabrication shop. I build weld fixtures, check fixtures, custom brake dies, and small production jobs. So most machining will be small one off parts, fixture plates and some 3 d machining of brake dies.

Material used mild steel, A2 tool steel, 4140 ph, and some aluminum mic 6. With drilling ,remaining ,and tapping being the majority of work. Pockets, profiles right behind that. With 3d being the smallest percentage of work.

This will be a tool room machine. We will be purchasing a new VMC or HMC next year for production machining.

My experience is with Southwestern Industries Proto Trak DPM.

The more I research machines the more I'm leaning towards Milltronics being the right machine for us.

I would like to hear from people with experience with Milltronics if they are good machines. Is there any maintenance issues to worry about ( recurring issues )? Is there anything to look at when inspecting the machine?
If you are already experienced with ProtoTRAK, why do you want to move toward Milltronics? I have two ProtoTRAK bedmills and a "Fryer" with a Milltronics Control (along with two Milltronics CNC verticals with full enclosures and tool changers). I have had them for many years and there are things I like about each of them. Does the RH20 keep trak of the spindle whether you move the quill or the head? My Fryer with the Milltronics control does not and that really sucks. As far as 3D work goes, they are comparable. I would say the thing to consider is who has better tech support in your area.
The RH 20 is a rigid head open bed mill with a 16 tool cat 40 tool changer. The tool changer is one reason I am choosing a Milltronics over a Trak. Also there was a newer used machine available. Trak used machines were all over 12 years old and not the size we were looking for. If my company would be able to buy a new Trak TMC with tool changer and enclosure that would've been nice.

Now I have to look into Cam software that can post to a Centurion 7. With my work load designing and building tools plus production machining I don't want be programming at the machine.We bought the machine it will arrive tomorrow.