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Milltronics T17 acting strange (very slow spindle and other issues)


Cast Iron
Jun 5, 2020
SW Ohio
I turned on my lathe today and observed some strange issues that I'm at a loss to troubleshoot. It's a Centurion 5 control and is acting sluggish and doesn't seem to be catching all of the key presses and if I hold a key down, it stutters entering them and the timing of their entry is not equally spaced as one would expect. Also, the front panel lights seem to be out of sync with what is happening, sometimes being delayed before turning off or on and sometimes for example the cycle start light will flash after its been pressed and stay flashing when it should go off. The biggest issue is the spindle. The machine has no issues homing or changing gears, jogging and commanding a spindle speed, but when the spindle is commanded on it rotates slowly (<7.5 rpm) CCW, regardless of the speed or which direction is commanded.

It ran without issue a week ago. The only things that have changed since then is the temperature is warmer now and I checked and tweaked the leveling just before turning it on to discover these issues. Seems like some really strange symptoms to diagnose and I'm not sure where to start.. I checked some power supply voltages for good measure and +5V, +24V, +12V and -12V all looked good. Also, the spindle control buttons on the front panel never worked since I got it.. not sure if that's at all related. I'd always just use MDI or run a program to get it running. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?
While looking through the parameters I remembered the last time I used the machine I was trying to figure out why the spindle control buttons weren't working and changed a parameter. It made no difference at the time and I must have forgot to set it back. I changed it back and it works again now. It'd still be nice to figure out the spindle controls though if anyone has any thoughts on that. I can't pause a program to stop the spindle then restart it to resume a program with it.