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Miniature 17th c. Dutch Strong Box

This post represents the kind of inspiration that keeps me glued to PM. I think we're a very fortunate bunch of guys out here. The gratitude and admiration expressed above is as genuine as it gets.
Again I thank you all for your comments and questions. I totally agree with Marty that the PM offers inspiration on so many levels, the history, the restoration projects, the love of mechanical things, the knowledge, the skills... The list goes on.

Of all the places I show my work the comments from the PM are the most meaningful because you guys understand what goes into it, so again a big Thank You!
Damn! That is so fine!!!

Bill, thank you so much for being the person that shows what can be done.

Will you be at WIA?

Lee (the saw guy)
Hi smt, The reason the base is not cast like ormolu is it is the earlier form that is carved from wood and gilded as the original. They do look similar. One question I have been asked is about the use of a 3D printer, so far the only possible use I have come up with would be to use to create casting patterns for ormolu. Years ago I bought 160 wood castings patterns from a 19th c. French restoration shop, I have thought one could scan them and print them in scale? But I'll leave all that up to someone else... I'm not into all this hi tech stuff, just too set in my old ways.
This is a fantastic piece of work,Rivett!!!! Bet it will cost a dollar two nintey eight!!(That's what they might say in North Carolina):)
So what would the ship captain, carriage or Inn owners think of travellers lag-screwing their strongboxes to the decks and floors? Or perhaps, was it customary and provisions were me made to accept locking screws of such a type...?

Thx- I just did a little project with 000-120 screws- monster bridge construction size in comparison to yours- very cool little box :)
I just stumbled across this thread and saw these amaxing photos! I collect and research these strong boxes. I have one with effectively identical metalwork to your model, and am aware of others. The workmanship and integrity of your model is absolutely phenomenal!

If you ever feel like making another I'd love to add one to my collection. Anyway would be fascinated to learn where you took the inspiration for this one from, and also more about your carver - I'd love a full-size base like this one! Congratulations, this is great!
That is some very impressive work!
Thanks for sharing

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Thank you both for the lovely comments. I may be interested in finishing 2, I have the wooden parts done for mine plus one.

But do know it will be a while. My next project that I’ll do in my studio is some of Tycho Brahe’s instruments.
So, you guys know he's just really good with Photoshop, right? ;)

(Smiley included and footnoted to make sure everyone knows I'm kidding.)

So, what's the wood and veneer selection process like for these things. Most grain would be huge and out of place on an item like this. Do you have a bonsai sawmill connection?
I have access to wonderful pieces of very old veneers which have fine grain. I think the piece these came from was burl, maybe elm or Birdseye maple I bought in the late 70s in NYC.
When I was still very young (in the early 1960's), my grandparents lived in a 17th century Dutch house in the city of Delft. Trust me, there was nothing as exquisite as that box in that old unrestored house.