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Mits FX10 WEDM Water Problem


Jan 27, 2022
Hello everyone.
Sorry yes i am new with this wire machine. I checked the water pump direction and it is turning correctly. But i am getting a water spray coming out the back of the machine were the chopper is . Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?

You might have a Stuck solenoid open for the wire collection area. Open lower roller on the lower head and see if you have water constantly running in there. Make sure Ready is on.
do you know what Solenoid controls this? and thanks for the reply.
I realize this thread is a few months old, but did you ever get this resolved? I'm running an FX10 and there is a ton of water in the wire collection bin.
On my FX10 I usually only get this when the tank water is up really high like with a tall part. I assumed it was because there was too much water being directed with the wire. I was told it was likely one of the solenoids was clogged or to adjust the fluid low valve closed or slightly cracked open to see if that made a difference.
These machines are usually pushed to the max and get very dirty. For your sanity sake, make it a point to clean all solenoids and valves 1x per year and you should be good to go. Especially if you blow a filter! Check to see if they are clean, o-rings are good not tore or flattened, and check the size of the orphis to be not too big. Those can get blown out and allow too much water to flow. It should say on the solenoid what the size should be. I would check the check valves as well for any debris. There are the A & B brass valves that lead to the solenoids E, C, G which are of main concern. It sounds like solenoid G is the one for your issue.
Hope this helps,


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