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Miyano Bnc-34s turret removal

Blitz mfg

Oct 23, 2023
I’ve got a Bnc-34s with a 6 tool station turret. Been having trouble with it holding tolerance. I found a thread on here with the same problem. Sounds like it’s not too difficult. Pulled the bolts out of the front of the turret……but I can’t get the turret head to pull off. I’ve beat it with a dead blow hammer quite a bit, but I want to make sure I’m not missing something. I have the schematic, but it doesn’t tell how to remove it. Just shows the order in which everything goes together. There’s no other bolts on this head. Anyone ever taken one of these apart?
Yeah it Looks like there is nothing holding it on the shaft beyond the 6 bolts. I’m assuming you removed the bolts completely. Sometimes there are set screws over the top of the bolts. Not sure if it’s to keep stuff out or to help keep the bolts in. I haven’t taken the turret head off of my BNCs but I would expect it to be a tight tolerance fit onto the shaft. A little swarf, corrosion and a dash of neglect could be what’s giving you trouble. look to see if there are threaded holes in the turret head that could be used for pushers?