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Miyano BNC34A Start up problem?


Oct 16, 2017
I just purchased this lathe
Previous owner never used it or powered it up
It has been sitting for about 2 years in a garage
Mid 90s machine but very clean and low hours (1500), not a worn-out POS
Fanuc OT
I was sure the parameters would be gone but she fired up and I can move both axis with both MPG and jog
No alarms on screen or in the diagnostics
The hydraulic pump runs but there is no hydraulic functions. Chuck will not cycle but light shows open and closed when turning switch.
Hydraulic tank is full and clean
When turret index button is pushed the turret will not move and causes an alarm due to no movement
With the axis zero switch set, it will auto zero
Spindle will not run/turn on
Got a pile of manuals with it but can't find anything about startup sequence that I may be missing
Hoping that someone familiar with these lathes can tell me if there is something I am missing in the startup sequence before I spend a lot of time chasing my tail
So the hydraulic pump runs, but do you have pressure showing on the guages? If not pump is likely running backwards due your 3 phase power not correct phase rotation.

BTW, it’s really hard on the pump when it runs backwards. They rely on some internal leakage for lubrication of the swash plate and plungers. When it runs backwards, it essentially has no lubrication so wear can happen surprisingly quickly.
That was the problem
No gage, no pressure and no alarm stating as such?
Pump does not sound any different, nice and quiet
I should have checked that out but just firing up for the first time I thought maybe I was missing something and or it would give me an alarm stating there is no hyd pressure
Ran a program that was in the control and it ran great, smooth and quiet

Are you familiar with these machines and the OT control?
I have a 21iT but this is a little different.
MDI input and key board will take some getting use to.
Maybe I can find some you tube information?

Thanks I appreciate your help
Checking phase rotation is the first thing to do when firing up a machine for the first time. The second thing to do is back up all the control data.

It’ been a very long time since I last worked in a Miyano. I thought there was a pressure gauge around the headstock for showing the chucking pressure. I never ran one but did service work on them. If your BNC has dovetail ways for the X axis then you must check the waylube passage for the way closest to the chuck. It was easily clogged which made all the oil go to the other side of the ways. Hopefully you got all the manuals for the machine. Programming was standard Fanuc lathe with the exception that each turret face could be called by multiple T codes. Not sure if that was an optional feature or standard, but it was done to allow multiple tools be used on each turret face and keep matching tool and offset numbers.
I was hoping that the programs would interchange with minimal editing?
This machine has only 6 position turret where my other one has 12
Run a lot of .750 stock simple parts for my product and the big lathe is way overkill 12 inch chuck and 3 inch bore 30hp spindle
Big lathe runs mostly 1.25 stock that requires most of the turret positions
99-100% program compatibility is what I think you’ll find. What I think will happen if you call T0700 will be that the Miyano turret will go to turret face 1 and be waiting for T0707 to call the offsets. These machines were designed for smallish parts and use of 2-3 tools at each station.
Turned out to be a good purchase now that it runs and the fact he pulled out all kinds of tooling including a collet chuck
We have our own forklifts and trailers so moving is no problem.
Being able to do your own rigging and hauling has got me some smoking deals on machines.
I don't deal in machines, only purchase to use
Thanks for the help and input
I bought a bnd-42s5 last year. A little newer than yours. I’m loving getting finished parts off this machine. My other lathe doesn’t have a sub spindle.

I bought my machine from a guy in Lagrange ohio. Cnc digital. He knows these machines well. Like Vanbiker he said to make sure all the oilers are working.
No sub spindle here
I am assuming the tailstock up/down button is for a machine with sub spindle?
Just went through the oilers and flushed out all the lines
Used air to push oil all the way thru the casings and out the ways
I had a bad experience with plugged lines on a cnc mill and had to replace the tercite
Nice accurate machine until one side of table dropped .002
I will never trust lube system again