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Model T part fabrication - custom notching tool needed


4140 for knives ? Yeah, that's going to work good. What was that saying about alligator mouth and tadpole brain?
I guess it depends. For stabbing and breaking off the shank,
any cheap steel might do just fine. But I dunno.

The absolute best price I could get these cutout tops made here in the USA was $14 each in quantities of 1000 (thats $14,000 BEFORE shipping), and I contacted over 20 different outfits in earnest trying to keep manufacturing here in the US. But, I just don’t have $14,000 laying around the house right now.

So, Off to Alibaba I went. I’m now able to get them fully manufactured for $0.75 each @ 1000 qty. These samples arrived last week and they are literally perfect in every way. Of course the detailed engineering drawing I created made all the difference!

Wow, that's crazy cheap! I would've guessed $3.00 or so but 75 cents? That's a deal you can't beat. Even with the near 50% import tariff, you will still be below $1.25 for each part.
Personally I think the frustration is that we are shifting our economy into this horrible system where all any consumer cares about is immediate cost of acquisition.
That's long long long past, boosted. Happened maybe forty years ago, there's really no point to this argument now. It's like your first girlfriend : she's gone. And she ain't comin' back.

The people with power don't want it. The middle class that's left doesn't want it. The people who would benefit don't want it. There's like 5,000 people in the entire country who want manufacturing here, and even they are all gaga over japan this and japan that, all they are is talk. Bigmouths here who are all stern about lecturing the op can't say enough bad stuff about American nc machines altho they've never owned one but they knows all about it because their third cousin's second wife had a boyfriend who touched one once.

There's a time to fight and a time to change your approach. Frazier got up six farking times to walk right back into that fist - maybe if he'd backed up and thought of a different plan, he wouldn't have been lifted off his feet and thrown to the ground in the second round. I don't know if he could have won that fight but at least he wouldn't have looked like a fool.

Recognize reality. Deal with it. These stupid fantasies don't do anyone any good.

For a second it looked like OP had an opportunity to build a product in their own community with enough margin to make everybody happy. Some of us think that it is "ethical" to build something locally, price it reasonably, and contribute to local economy. It's unfortunate to witness OP prioritize squeezing a few extra bucks out of the process.
What kind of car do you drive ? Toyota Tundra, hunh ?

Too much hypocrisy floating around. Honest. Face it, this is an integrated world now, if you personally want to do that it's great, I myself go out of my way to patronize little local places but telling other people to do that ? The US in particular is so money-grubbing and everything in it is set up that way and almost all the people of the country worship Milton Friedman and money money money -- as far as a social imperative ? Forget it. That's not the world we live in.

If you want to be a saint, that's admirable but those guys end up full of arrows, dead in the street. You can't expect everyone to do that.

Our addiction to cheap products is accelerating the death spiral of the middle class. Sure, we can afford more toys from Amazon now, but the quality of all the crap we buy sucks, and we are all feeling the economic pressures associated with so much manufacturing work leaving for
Somehow "expensive" has become synonymous with "good". That's not correct.

Let's take an example - I had an interest in ribbon mikes a while ago. RCA made them in the thirties up to the fifties but then "too expensive to make !" and all the usual bla bla bla so they were discontinued. This is an ongoing problem in the US.

An old RCA is like seven or eight hundred bucks. China has an enormous microphone market because of karaoke. We're talking gigantic. So someone decided to make ribbon mikes. They cost about a hundred bucks.

Take our gold-wire-plated youboob audiogurus now and these are "almost okay - after we put high-grade capacitors and thirty cents of other nonsense in them, they are almost as good as the $800 RCA's we sell, so we can offer these to you at $599 !"

Whatever. Anyhow, for a hundred bucks they are 95% as good as the seven-fifty, thousand dollar ones .... a lot of this whining abut "cheap crap" is just wishful thinking on old-timers' part or large corporations protecting their own cheap crap which they have marketed up to insane levels. If the copies of LV and Chanel and Gucci were so bad, do you think those guys would worry about it ?

The real reason is, their stuff's not that great but they make a hell of a lot of money by convincing people it is. If the "cheap crap" is just about as good, then the wizard ain't got no cover no more, eh ? Toto, get away from that curtain ! you'll ruin everything !

low COL countries.
What makes a country "low Cost of Living" ? Is it possible that these are management decisions ?

When I was a teenager, younger person I mostly believed all that "free market capitalism" twaddle. That's all bullshit. It's bedtime stories they tell adults, like a grownup version of santa claus or sleeping beauty or rumpelstiltskin. The truth is, it's all controlled by powerful people via tax laws. It's not direct and obvious but the Lloyds and Jamies of the world, via congress, tilt the table ten degrees their way and then just sit back and watch the money flow their way. Money is like water, it follows the easiest path.

There are thousands of examples, I'll spare you :) Except for this one ... notice the ridiculous inflation recently ? Why ? Every finance writer on the planet has poked his nose into this but I noticed no one with a big audience bothered to bring up how Bernanke handed out over a trillion in paper to finance a couple of years ago. Where was that going to go ? Paper is worthless, of course humans when they get this worthless shit are going to turn it into stuff. That's why the price of stuff skyrockets and the US is no longer a "low cost country". It's literally because the people in charge handed over your country to a few wealthy powerful people.

It's theft, pure and simple. Legal theft, approved by congress, signed by the (doddering old fool) president.

It's (nominally) a democracy. You the people created this. You elected these assholes, you re-elected the same assholes, you've done nothing to these assholes like guillotine or even tar and feathers, you just blame other places for being "low cost of living" and willing to do actual work. The fault is not with China or India or even Pakistan or Mexico. If you want to see the fault, go look in the mirror.

And quit snivelling about other places. Maybe try to fix the loser place the US has become without expecting a guy who just wants to make Model T regulators to sacrifice his living for it. Maybe somewhere in that country of 350 million people there are a few people who can tie their own shoes. It certainly is not in any city, state or federal government people I have seen recently. Those drooling assholes think two toilets installed for 1.7 million dollars is We're doing great ! And maybe there will be a little left over to possibly go partway towards installing a third !

This isn't hyperbole, it's fact. All you can do is cry.
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We can still vote with our wallets. That’s clearly the vote that matters the most in our “free market”.
Of course. And I do that all the time too. I always go to the little stores, the mom and pops, the individuals who are good to me. I pay cash instead of weixin or debit card, have as little as possible to do with the asshole banks, avoid finance of any kind, all that stuff.

But I don't kid myself that it makes a difference. It's like telling Kyle Shanahan "Don't you dare trade Aiyuk ! I'll never watch another one of your games !" Do you think he gives a shit ? We do it because that's what we are, but it still doesn't matter.

In this particular case tho, the guy came here and gave everyone a chance. No one took him up on it therefore no one has the right to say a word when he goes to someone who can do it.

Also however and ... no, I don't think anyone should sacrifice themselves for "the local community." The local community will fuck you over in a heartbeat. They already do, every day. You/we don't owe them shit. They've been fucking us over for fifty years now. Screw "the local community".

If you have the time ? Go to youboob, find the frazier foreman fight. Watch it, takes less than five minutes. Announcers all saying, "Wow ! he's so brave ! damn, look at him get up to be beat to shit again !"

It's admirable. But think for a second. What if he backed away from being beat senseless for a few moments and gave this some thought ? What if he tried doing an Ali and danced around for a while, getting in a shot now and again ? He'd have escaped this fight without being smashed to the ground six times, looked a little better, and if this were a life lesson, he might come out of it with a different way of living that gave him an actual life, instead of a beating.

If they put a rock in the river, go around it instead of smashing your head in on it. That's what I am saying. It's not 1970 no more.