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Mori MV Junior magazine position error


Dec 1, 2022

I have gotten a few times "error 66 magazine index position error" on a Mori Junior with Fanuc 10M. The tool changer has still been in the correct position all the time as far as I'm concerned. Has this happened to any of you? It doesn't happen every time the tool changer is used.
I believe I have had same error on mine. Ive had to replace roller guide bearing twice in the tool changer after partner tried to set tools "his way" Now ive got to recalibrate it by adjusting the circuit boards potentiometers and the instructions that I have came across are close to useless and seem like something a crazy person would come up with for achieving simple results. If anyone has any info on the non hydraulic 20 tool carousel atc calibration it would be much appreciated.
Does it use a magazine encoder or does it have a home flag on pot #1 and a proxy switch to keep track of pots as they pass by?
I believe it's the latter.

I now have located some of my issues with tool change to chinese pull studs. The machine randomly dropped a tool 2 times and the issue was the pull studs have a too sharp edge in the 90 degree angle and they stuck to the pots as they try to bite to whatever is retaining them in the pot. I will have to file that edge from some of those. It's possible that this error was caused by it too somehow.

I almost can't pull the tool out of the pot by hand, whereas the pull studs with a little chamfer in that edge are easy to pull out by hand. I will not be buying expensive pull studs as they would cost as much as the machine itself for all 100 of my tool holders. Other than that they're fine.
I found a post on industryarena forum that suggested the ATC index motor is braked by 90VDC and the issue would be most likely a bad contactor or rectifier.
I located the rectifier and contactor and mine only produces 45-48V. However, the AC input is only about 52V so the rectifier is probably fine. I don't think a faulty transformer could work this good at all so it's probably not a failure there either.
I Will have to investigate more. I ran the machine yesterday for 3 hours with no errors and it started erroring out after a few tool changes then. I hooked up a multimeter to monitor the voltage as time goes. Today again as it had cooled down, works w/o errors.