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Mori Seiki MV Junior Fanuc 10MA PC Cassette B needed


Dec 1, 2022
So my machine boots up but gives out PC error PC040 and PC500 watchdog alarm. When I put the PC Cassette from the JR to my lathe it gives out the same errors so it's something to do with the PC Cassette.

Anyone know if something could be done for it or got one to sell me?

The error came up after putting a wrong option parameter in. Before that it functioned fine. The errors won't clear by clearing the memory.
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I found one on ebay and bought it. But it will take a month to arrive. If anyone knows a quicker fix, would be welcome.

It's from a 2 years older machine than mine and the ladder version is different, hopefully not too different.
I now have received and installed the used PC Cassette. The machine had no more watchdog alarm or PC alarm. But there's always a but.

The tool list in PC side is blank and EMG icon is on all the time when I boot up, I can't choose the mode. I have reloaded both PC and NC parameters, 24NC voltage is at least proper 24V.

It might be possible that the ladder version is too much different and won't work?
Quick update- After the correct NC parameters were in, I put the original PC Cassette back and IT WORKED AGAIN NO ERRORS!!! Try everything I guess!
Final update- The machine is all up and running with the original PC Cassette in. Hope someone finds this helpful!