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Mori Seiki SV500 Z- axis will not move with jog or handwheel


Jun 3, 2009
Hi, looking for some help with a Mori Seiki SV500 with a Fanuc 518 control. This machine sat in storage just long enough for the axis batteries to die. Upon power up all axis could be jogged. Went to set the spindle back down on a wood blocking stack that was just a bit too short and hit the -Z ot switch. This put the machine in a EMG state and could not be switched out of MDI mode, zero return and the 2nd ot release button had no effect. With the machine powered down to get off the -z ot switch we removed the brake wires from the terminal block, powered the 24vdc brake, turned the ballscrew by hand then reconnected the brake wires. Upon power up the x and y axis move with jog or handwheel inputs but the z does not move. However the z axis ABS and REL values change on the ALL POS screen, the MACHINE z value doesnt change (remains at 0.0000). The brake is functioning, the servo is holding position, no servo faults/alarms. G0130 has 1's in bit 0,1,2 positions. Cant find a zlock button on the controller. Any ideas of what could cause this would be appreciated.

Thank you!
There is a Z axis neglect . Hit Custom, then Operation Panel soft key. Z axis neglect should be the first thing on the list. Can't imagine it being on but you never know.

For your initial problem... Check for a stuck -Z axis hard over travel switch. They spend their whole life never getting touched, and then one day they do. They're likely so gummed up by then that once hit, the plunger stays stuck. Another sign of that is if you move the Z axis away from over travel with the 2nd over travel release button, and then release the button and the machine goes back into E-stop, that's a sure sign of a stuck switch.