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Mr Rainey

Sorry for not keeping up but I am looking for the Me Consultant Professional 2.20
I can only assume but I wanted to ask anyway.
Hasn't logged in since 2020. I believe that Michael Rainey (owner of close tolerance software) passed away ion 2022 and I suspect that his software is no longer available. And all the links for ThreadPal and Consultant seem 404. I think that you are out of luck on the software.
Not looking good. There have been at least a couple of these threads now. I googled but couldn't find anything. Not sure if anyone here knew him personally?
I searched obits, but not found anything yet.
He could just be incapacitated.
Seems that strokes are the "in" thing these days, and they won't just let you die from them anymore.
You gotta spend the next 20 yrs drooling in the County Home before they will let you out!

Wheel my carcass in front of a train - PLEASE!
I have old friends and family waiting for me elsewhere!


I got a bypass a 12 month ago, quad , there were an awful lot of very young people in ,as it was the dodgy lab diy virus season with DNR on their charts, I had it on mine until the professor I was talking to found out I was an actual living unvaxinated smallpox survivor from the welsh 1960s epidemic, and a bone marrow doner.
What do you know I wake after the operation my right hip ached like toothache and my right leg was black, they took bone marrow out while I was under, the other leg was missing a vein so stiched from ankle to groin.
I have a feeling that the marrow was for reasearch rather than someone btw .
I’m in favour of resuscitation myself lol