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Multiplex 610 with Flex-gl50n, stuck in ext estop after re-initialization


Aug 28, 2020
Toccoa, Ga
Hey guys,

So we have a 1994 Multiplex 610 with the Flex-GL50N Gantry Loader (T32-6 control) that is stuck in an external e-stop and regular e-stop. This machine is new to us and was off for several months before arriving here, so we just re-initialized the machine and loaded all the parameters in from a backup floppy disk that came with it. But after the re-inital the machine is stuck in an external e-stop. My first instinct is that the back up parameters may not include the parameters for the Gantry Loader. We've check every physical connection around the machine and every cable and airline is connected, so I don't think it's a physical connection problem. My guess is it's software related but I don't have the full parameter sheets (at least not for a machine with a Gantry). Does anyone who has one of these machines happen to know what on there would cause an external estop?

Also the time and date is constantly spinning and changing numbers so I feel that may also have something to do with it. We followed the re-initial to the best of our knowledge but I'm guessing we missed something when it comes to that. This is my first mazak from this Era, my previous experience is with the Smooth Era control machines.

Any help/advice on what's commonly missed when re-initializing or installing one of these Multiplexes is greatly appreciated. Attached is the diagnostic screen from the machine (to me it looks like it may be missing some version numbers for the spindles, not sure though)

Thanks guys


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