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MX2100ST Limited travel


Sep 25, 2023
United Kingdom
Hi all,

The MX2100ST has limited travel with the gimbal below centreline of the chucks, understandably.

This leaves me confused since I cannot perform traditional C-axis milling with the upper turret like you can do with live tool turrets or the lower turret of the MX. Solution to this is to index the component every 90degrees to rough it out and finish etc.

As a user of the machine, did Doosan sell this puma to exclusively provide the lower turret with that functionality or am I missing something between my software (fusion) and or parameters.

I do no understand how it can be expected to leave this functionality out of the upper gimbal.
G112 does not work at the upper or what do you mean? It should work. Worked with that machine for years never had a problem with it.
Polar Coordinate Function/C Axis Interpolation, will work on either upper or lower path, on either spindle.
The Y axis, by design, does not go a whole lot past the centerline of the machine, on either path.
Former DN Trainer/AE here. I used to run the classes on MX/SMX.
If you would like the training manuals I used when I taught the classes, let me know and I'll send the DropBox link. They're too big to email.