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Mystery Lathe Tools


Dec 17, 2014
Ok... While I admit I'm a Newbie, I at least thought I could identify different tools. I just purchased a 1970 Hardinge HLV-H with a ton of tooling from a woman whose husband had recently passed. Among the tooling are these two things, What are they? The first one looks to be some sort of tool holder. It's got a straight keyed shaft for mounting and numerous slide adjustments..
The second looks to possibly be a circular (curved) turning tool holder of some sort. It pivots around the round portion in the middle. I don't think it's home made but it doesn't exactly look mass produced either.
image2 (2).jpg
image3 (2).jpg

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Scott
The second tool is a Radius turning attachment for your lathe. Do a search on here or youtube to see more examples and how to use it.