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NC Routing, FOAMULAR 250 XPS, Feeds and Speeds


May 8, 2011
arroyo grande
Does anyone have experience with CNC routing the subject foam, it's a polystyrene foam board used for insulation. I'm using an Amana Tool 46428 SC Up-Cut Spiral Ball Nose 1/8 R x 1/4 D x 1-1/8 CH x 1/4 SHK x 3 Inch Long x 2 Flute. The Amana recommended tooth load of approx. .002" seems okay, but conservative. Tool engagement is about 40%. This tool load keeps the feeds around 70 ipm at 18,000 rpm. The recommended depth is 1D at that tooth load. This foam is not near the density of wood and I suspect the recommended tooth load is based on wood. I feel I could make a much deeper pass (for roughing) at that tooth load, say 3D, tool engagement around 50%, and the tooth load could go as high as .006".

Your thoughts and experience please, thanks.