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Need Blades for a New Saw in the Shop


Mar 4, 2006
A few weeks ago, I picked up a Delta 33-400 long arm radial arm saw for the shop. It's currently sitting in the garage at the family cottage getting a good check over, a few modifications and waiting for its first job. The machine came from the local high school and as such some of the original features had been disabled and it had been somewhat "kid proofed". The knobs for the miter and compound locks had been removed. About the only function it could perform was cross cutting. The table shows evidence of a fair amount of cross cutting, but no marks for standard or compound mitering.

Overall, the machine is in excellent condition. Basically, it needed a good cleaning, a new power cord, a few wires in the electrical cabinet reconnected, and the table returned to its normal functions and cut down to a more reasonable size. The current table was most likely built at the school and is slightly over 6' long and 4' deep. I believe the saw was installed as a "built in" with the table being part of an extended countertop. One end looks finished as though the saw was at the far-left end of the counter. The right end has been cut off recently.

The only things remaining on the to do list are to shorten the table and make sure the head is properly positioned to the table. This brings me to the search for new blades. It currently has a Freud Diablo 14" 70 tooth combination blade. I've looked high and low and can't find a direct replacement. I've found 60 tooth versions and 84 tooth versions, but so far, no 70-tooth version.

I've posted a request for blade suggestions over on the Woodworking forum, but so far, the only suggestion has been to visit the Forrest website. I know they make quality blades, but the first thing that pops up when I start looking for a blade is a notice that there will be a 2-to-3-month delay when ordering new blades.

For the type of work this saw will be doing I doubt I'm going to need a $300.00 blade. At this point in its life, it will be doing more "construction" style work than cabinet work. Its first job will be to cut a few hundred pieces of 5/4 x 6" red cedar for pier decking and 5/4 x 4" cedar for supports.

I know there are several members on this forum that regularly use similar saws for their businesses. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Here are a few pictures of the saw:


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Always used this blade for both hard and soft woods in a production environment.
Very clean cut....
+ another on the negative rake, FWIW I wouldn't bother too much about the difference between - 10 & + 14 teeth, SHARP is much more important.

FWIW At 14'' dia ;-
60 t = 0.733 pitch
70 t = 0.628 pitch
84 t = 0.523 pitch