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Need Help! Fanuc O-TT Alarm: 522 OVER TRAVEL : +Z

May 15, 2024
Hey All,

I have a SST-16 Swiss Lathe Machine with Fanuc O-TT. My sub-spindle suddenly stopped working and this alarm message appear : 522 OVER TRAVEL : +Z.
What I use JOG, It moves backward until it reach the end. But when I try to move it forward. It moves for like 1/16th of an inch (1 mm) then the alarm message appear : 522 OVER TRAVEL : +Z
The parameters are the same. I have no idea what is happening.
Have you done a hard reboot?
(Kill power at the case level so that the amps go dark)

Otherwise, possibly a sticking limit switch hiding under some cover somewhere?


I am Ox and I approve this here post!