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Need help finding a new source for die sets


Jun 24, 2019
We're have a hard time finding a quality die set manufacturer, with the demise of Superior.

In our most recent attempt, we ordered a lamination grade die set, approx 8" x 14" with 3" ball bearing posts.

They sent the components to our shop unassembled........

We sent them back and they returned the assembled die set, but the two halves were out of parellel by over .008" corner to corner.

We sent it back a third time, and it returned .006 out, in the same direction.

We've tried Anchor-Danley, and had the same problem. (this die set was out more than .010)

Are there any alternatives to these two companies that you all have had good dealings with?

I really don't want to have to make my own dies sets, just to get an accurate one.