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Need Help Identifying an Old Electric Drill Press


May 13, 2024
So i've been helping my Uncle with this Old Drill Press, he replaced the main power chord and found that the Radial Variable speed control on the left side doesn't work, when turned on the drill bit (chuck) moves but its weak and you can stop it with your fingers. We're trying to figure out what model name it is and all that jazz so we can try and find parts for it. He had gotten it from his last job where he worked for over 30 years at back in the 80's, but the companies been around for a while longer. If anyone would be able to help me identify it or might know anything would be a great help.
As you can see its a stationary/manual drill head top where you have to set it height wise by loosening the bolts and its Table (small circle piece) thats raised and lowered with a plastic hand dial.
There are no Identifying marks, serial numbers or model names or anything, nothing inside the housing has any info, nothing beneath. The white top are those thin plywood with a fake marble plastic feel (when tapping with a finger nail). Its pretty light weight, maybe 8 pounds give or take. Its about a little over 2 feet tall, and the chuck is like a normal hand drill style that prolly only holds a /32 bit

IMG_0930.jpg IMG_0934.jpgIMG_0932.jpgIMG_0933.jpgIMG_0931.jpg
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It doesn't look like it was made for a metal/mechanical shop to me, but perhaps is something like Dental or lab related. Either that or it could be someone's home-made project, given the lack of castings. What kind of company did your uncle work at?
That has more of the look of a prototype or one off rather than a production product.

How about a pic of the inside? Maybe a small universal motor in there with an electronic speed control. Shouldn't be too hard to fix.