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Need Help Spindle Motor TM-1 HE Specs MY2006


Jun 16, 2023
Hello everybody,
I'm currently converting my Haas TM-1 HE from 01/2006 after a severe damage in the control cabinet to UCCNC with UC300eth and UB1 controller. Since everything in the cabinet has to be replaced, I want to retrofit a new VFD to the machine for controlling the stock Spindle Motor. There is no proper name plate on the Motor and it is impossible for me to find any needed specs for the Motor to program the VFD (it is a Delta VFD110E43A). I don't even know the rated Power, rated Current, rated Voltage, rated RPM etc. The Motor is only marked with Lincon Model CN LM29909AA L. Does anybody knows further specs? Inductance, Resistance, # Poles? I don't want to kill the VFD :-)
Many Thanks


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it seems to be difficult:-) I found a Drive Parameter List from Haas called "MAGNETEK&Mitsubishi SP Drive Programming" for the VF/HS/HL-Series. It shows all stock Drive Parameter Settings for a VF-1 with max 5000rpm 5KW/7.5HP Motor/Magnetek Drive 503. Does anybody know what Motor is in my MY2006 TM-1 (I remember, it had 4000rpm set in the burned Controller)? Would those Parameters be a Start?
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I would start with the physical dimensions of the motor and look at Lincoln catalogs for motors of that physical size, shaft diameter, etc. There is no free lunch. HP and torque take a certain physical size. A motor of that physical size will probably narrow the choices down to one or a few HP sizes.

All that's being done there is a 60 hz motor is being spun faster than the rated size. That might be a 3 HP or 5 HP motor at 60 hz. Haas might order it with higher speed bearings or other small changes but, that's it. Find the closest match and run with what specs you find.
Many Thanks for the advice.
It seems, that this Motor is made for Haas, since it can't be found in the Lincoln line up. I made the recommended search and ended with the Parameter set which is listed in the mentioned Magnetek/Mitsubishi paper for the VF-1 5000rpm 5/7.5 kw/Hp. My Motor is wired standard/WYE 3ph. I started with 400V 3ph UVW max Output Voltage and my Delta VFD-E VFD110E43A gave me the error oL in the Autotune procedure which is Overload Error. In the End after reducing Amps and Accelleration etc. I ran out of Ideas and reduced to 230V max Output Voltage and it finished the Autotune without errors and the Spindle Motor is now runing fine up to 168 Hz (max Output Frequency, 1760rpm/60Hzx168Hz=4928 rpm). Most likely I don't understand how Wye and Delta wiring and the rated Motor Voltage are playing together- But it works now:-) My machine is located in Germany and connected to 3ph 400V. I will give the 6000 rpm, mentioned in many Posts over the Internet as an easy spindle "upgrade" for the TM-1, a try. That would be a max. Frequency of app. 202 Hz. We will see..... Thanks again