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Need help with a macro for squaring C-Axis


May 27, 2024
Been running a Mazak Variaxis for a few months now (first time running Mazaks)
Have this job which id like to learn how to probe the 2 bolt holes circled, calculate the positions and rotate the C axis accordingly so they are in line then teach the C-axis position into my work offset all with a macro
No idea how to write macros and no one in my shop currently knows either so would be good to learn and have some idea for basic ones.
Attached photos of the Renishaw probe programs if that helps at all
Unless I am missing something, I feel like you would have to keep that part in somewhat of alignment in the chuck even to probe it. If you build a fixture why not go the extra strep and make it rigid and accurate. Probe the fixture once, then every part should line up after that.

If you have to hold some crazy tolerance and need to probe every part you would still want to do this. Tomorrow I can grab some of my auto probe cycles for the Okuma, but I won't pretend I know how that translates to a Mazak program. Hopefully someone else could enlighten us,
I could tell ya how but i'd have to charge ya.

But seriously, just save two positions and compare the positions with a little trig.

Try it manually first, then test your process in MDI.

For reference:

There's a probing cycle for that; Bore/Boss on PCD. O9819 is the standard cycle.

G65 P9819 Cc. Dd. Kk. [Aa. Bb. Hh. Mm. Qq. Rr. Ww.]

Cc c = The pitch circle diameter (PCD) of the bore/boss feature.
Dd d = The diameter of the bore/boss.
Kk k = The absolute Z-axis position at which the bore is measured.

Optional inputs
Aa a = The angle measured from the X axis to the first bore/boss feature.
Default value: 0.
Bb b = The number of bore/boss features on the PCD.
Default value: 1.

#139 = Angle
#144 = Angle Error

No need to write a MACRO for it.