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Need help with Mori Lathe CL-150 tool change issue


Oct 13, 2022

I need help with a weird issue that just popped up on my CL-150 lathe with MSC803 control while indexing tools. It was running just fine yesterday and today it decided to act up. I checked all the batteries and they are in good voltage (3.63v for 3.6v batteries). No battery or any related alarm pops up. The machine would power on and home just fine.

Somehow the Z tool wear number 5 is giving me an issue.
If I were to set 3.0" to Z wear then the turret would move about 0.900" then rotate then move more to make a total of exactly 3.0" of movement. It also will move in - direction for some tools but will move in + direction for others.
The + direction movement will cause "M01 operation error 007" if the tool is at the home position.
I changed the Z wear to 1.5" and it does the same thing just now it will only move 1.5" in the total moment. Change Z wear to 0.0" and the issue goes away.
It only happens in Z wear number 5 and not the other; any number in others Z wear will not cause the same issue or any issue at all.
This only happens in automatic command MDI or program. Manually changing tools using the turret index button does not cause any issues.

The weird thing is I did the same thing to Z tool wear number 5 yesterday during set-up for a dry run and it worked just fine. Today I decided to change tool No. 5 to a different style of insert for the same program and it is now giving me this issue.

I'm using the tool touch-off method so all my work off-set is at zero. My program doesn't call any work off-set. Making changes to the off-set work or off-set work shift also doesn't cause any issues. The issue seems to be locked to Z tool wear number 5.