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Need Mazak Smooth G Help

May 10, 2023
We recently got a Mazak Smooth G 250MY, and I would like to know what I need to do to get the machine to stop at the end of tool life.
I'm not familiar with a smooth G control. But If Its anything like a 640T Its on the Tool Data page. Highlight the tool you want to set tool life for. Hit the Edit Tool Key. Then hit the Input tool set key. In that window you can set the tool life for that particular tool. Like I said that's for a 640T so might not be relevant to smooth G control.

Maybe this will be helpful
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I don't know if you can get it to stop but you can get it to throw a warning when tool life is over. On Smooth G mills you can set both Tool Life and Cycle Count on the Tool page. You can clear the warning and keep running, but it will come back very quickly. Only way to really clear it is to reset it in the tool file.
On a 640T the machine will stop when It hits your tool life setting whether your using time or number of cycles. I've never ran a Smooth G, so don't know how It works on that control. But Isn't the point of tool life to stop cycling at that point. For Instance If you're running lights out there may not be somebody there to stop the machine when tool life is reached?
I run smooth G control’s on our mills, no Mazak lathe, but should be the same.

There’s a parameter you need to call that will decide the behavior of the machine when tool life is expired. You can set it so the machine will not run when it calls the tool next and tool life is exceeded.

It will not automatically stop if you are in-cut, and you exceed your tool life. This shouldn’t be an issue on the lathe as I doubt you have half hour roughing or finishing cycles. If you do this can be solved by splitting up the cycle and pulling the tool out then calling an m-code for checking tool life, or easier just force tool call the same tool again.

The control is self explanatory, set a tool life or use number and go.

Search in the manual for ‘parameters, alarms and m-codes. If you have the pdf version try searching ‘tool life.’