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need shop to bend odd shape in tubing


Jun 7, 2003
Mebane North Carolina USA
I need to find a shop to bend an uneven arc in 1/2" SS tube (qty less then 5). So looking for a shop with a.... freeform? bender. One of those benders that uses a multi axis eyelet to push the work through to bend. Anyone know of one?


May 29, 2023
I’m curious what the shape is and/or application? Is it similar to what is seen in aircraft or instrumentation? Those kinds of complex bends require some math and an aircraft type hand bender, but a variety of guys might be able to help. Aircraft mechanics have the tool, but not all of them are good at building complex tubes from blueprints. Hydraulic shops may or may not know what they are doing. An anal-retentive OCD hot rod builder may be good at it since stainless tube has to look good - the process is from the aerospace industry, but motor sport guys have picked it up - there are some good videos out there showing the aerospace method.